Simon O'Sullivan, Ola Ståhl

  • Until 25.11.2018
  • 22.11.2018 to 25.11.2018
  • 10:00-17:00h

The module will concern itself with the practicalities and pragmatics of fictioning, understood here as the material embodiment or instantiation of fiction within the real, either to augment or oppose it, but also to demonstrate - in a counter-move - the always-already fictional nature of a given reality. We will also be concerned with how fiction can contribute to the production of subjectivity (understood as something potentially collective and not necessarily tethered to an individual) which is to say we will be concerned with fictioning other kinds of relations and identities.

We will introduce key readings (fiction and theory) and practices (from art, design and more counter-cultural scenes) - as case studies - but the emphasis will be on a collective fictioning that arises from the group and the particular interests and experiences present. In general, and besides anything else we produce, we will be concerned to fiction a community through discourse as well as socio-materialities such as artefacts, garments and masks. Also important will be the site of this fictioning, which is to say the city, its different histories and futures, its passageways and points of transits, both real and imagined. In all of this we anticipate something like: an initial mapping/diagramming project; a sonic/aural sounding of the city; and a performance/ritual, that might, or might not, involve masks and props, so as to actualise the fiction - or even new myths? - that we have produced.