In anticipation of leftovers

  • Opening 7.12.2018, 14:00h
  • Grazer Kunstverein
  • Palais Trauttmansdorff
, Burggasse 4 
8010, Graz - Austria
Mehraneh Atashi, The Limits of the Earth from Shore to Shore, 2017

Curated by Kate Strain

With contributions from Arnisa Zeqo, Pádraic E. Moore, Sophie Tappeiner, Collectors Agenda, The Department of Ultimology, and The Institute of Things to Come

What can emerge from wreckages and leftovers? A one-day meeting brings together at Grazer Kunstverein artists, curators, writers and researchers to discuss endings as new beginnings. Writer and curator Arnisa Zeqo will read an extract from a specially commissioned text inspired by the presence and gestural role of the hand in contemporary art. Curator and writer Pádraic E. Moore will present a collage of spoken word, music and moving image. This presentation will feature excerpts from an essay recently written by Moore on the work of Atashi and will focus on the decadent appearance of the artist’s work as well as her penchant for combining natural and synthetic matter. Valerio Del Baglivo, founder of The Institute of Things to Come, will speak about the practice of the itinerant institute, aimed at investigating futurology and speculative imagination. Sophie Tappeiner will speak briefly about the work of Angelika Loderer, offering insights into her production process. These insights will be further extended by Florian Langhammer, editor in chief of art platform Collectors Agenda, who will present an edition of sculptural work by the artist. Lunch will be prepared by artist Fiona Hallinan of the Department of Ultimology, who will also give a short performative demonstration ending in the production of a seasonal and warming winter cocktail.