The convention of restorative anatomy and prosopopeia

In recent years, globally-expanded populist politics are diffusing discourses and positions, which foster gender inequality, favour forms of racism, endorsing heteronormative visions, and increase new techniques of bio-political control. Conducting xenophobic public campaigns, current populist politics are primarily concerned with the construction and cultivation of “otherness”, and claim to defend western identity and liberties. Two processes do illustrate such dynamics nowadays: on the one hand, non-heteronormative behaviours are stigmatized as deviant or inappropriate and, therefore, dangerous; on the other hand, in the frame of current migratory crisis, bodies are objectified, measured and checked, they are turned into evidence to understand, through an “objective” data analysis, whether a human being has the right to require asylum or not. This year The Institute of Things to Come questions, how can we redefine the categories of alterity in opposition to politics of sovereignty, belongings, and heteronormative approach... read more

El Palomar

  • Goda Palekaitė

  • Mohamed Abdelkarim

  • The Resurrection Puddle

    Pauline Curnier Jardin

  • 11.6.2020, 18:00h
  • The First Imaginary Conference on Transcorporality and Prosopopeia

    Mohamed Abdelkarim, Quinsy Gario, Goda Palekaitė and Jonas Palekas, El Palomar, Francesco Ventrella, Arnisa Zequo

  • 7.5.2020, 18:00h
  • Night Soil / Fake Paradise

    Melanie Bonajo

  • 1.4.2020, 18:00h
  • Publications

    Guerrilla against the Unceasing Hostilities of the Living