The Institute Of Things To Come

The Institute of Things to Come


The Institute of Things to Come is an itinerant art organization aimed at investigating forms of imaginative speculation as cultural strategies and methodologies for critical positions. Each year, The Institute focuses on a different theme, inviting artists to present works that interact with other disciplines. Along sides exhibitions and a series of public events, it includes a program of research-modules led by invited artists.

Founded in 2017 – from a collaboration between artist Ludovica Carbotta and curator Valerio Del Baglivo – the organization has established its headquarters at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin, until 2019. During its first year, The Institute organized four solo shows (by artists Bedwyr Williams, Kapwani Kiwanga, Alex Cecchetti and Herve & Maillet) and four workshops – attended by 50 students from all over Europe and the Mediterranean – co-led by the artists and other tutors (artist Tai Shani, writer Mirene Arsanios, performer Lina Lapelyte and biologist Daniele Tibi).

As an alternative to the academic training model, The Institute of Things to Come applies undisciplined cognitive processes – i.e. types of knowledge that embrace irrational, mimetic and fiction with the aim of acting on the dichotomies of modernity and destabilizing models of objective scientific research. The core of each research-module is an artwork, investigated through workshops, conferences, projections, seminars and exhibitions.


Along with the exhibition program, each artist will conduct a workshop in collaboration with another guest, an artist or a field professional, able to legitimize the fictional scenarios presented in the works and use them as actual basis to a discussion on potential circumstances. The educational program of The Institute of Things to Come will be open to twelve Italian and international students (artists, curators, researchers, writers, etc.), selected through an open call.






Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

Via Modane, 16

10141, Torino – Italy


Design: Laura Pappa
Development: Ranno Ait
Typefaces: Monospace 821 BT, 2 Rebels Deux, Kerater, Abyssopelagic, Gill Sans, Amherst Fraktur